Chairman’s Message

On economic policy issues, the KCCI is Korea’s representative business advocate to the government and National Assembly and acts as a channel of communication between companies and the two public parts. Also, the KCCI offers business management services including economic outlook & business information publications, business counseling & consulting services and practical & vocational training courses to CEOs, executives and staff.

Welcome to the official website of the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI).

The KCCI is the oldest and largest business organization in Korea. Established as a public legal person by a special act, the KCCI is composed of 73 regional chambers of commerce and more than 100 major institutions and organizations that are related to commerce and industry.

Furthermore, the KCCI represents approximately 180,000 member companies of all sizes, sectors and nationalities, ranging from big businesses to SMEs, manufacturing to services, and domestic companies to foreign invested companies. Internationally, the KCCI is a national member organization of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and the World Chambers Federation (WCF), which together form a global network of national chambers of commerce.

In particular, the KCCI is at the forefront of trade promotion by engaging in private-sector economic diplomacy with foreign governments and corporations. The KCCI each year dispatches business mission of Korea’s major enterprises to many countries around the world. Moreover, the KCCI organizes business forum for visiting foreign leaders of governments and businesses. Through these activities and more, the KCCI is committed to expanding mutual trade and investment opportunities.

The KCCI wishes you a great success in your business with Korean companies, and hopes to support you in every way possible. Thank you.

Chairman of KCCI Yongmaan Park