• PRESENTCurrently KCCI and 73 local CCIs exist
  • 2005Completed the construction of the new KCCI building
    Founded the Business Institute for Sustainable Development(BISD)
  • 2001Hosted the 2nd World Chambers Congress(WCC) in Seoul
  • 1994Took over 8 vocational training institutes and launched vocational training services
  • 1988Joined EAN(i.e. GS1) and launched barcodes services
  • 1984Celebrated the 100th anniversary of establishment of CCI in Korea
  • 1974Celebrated the 1st Commerce and Industry Day
  • 1953Authorized KCCI and 24 local CCIs as the public juristic person
  • 1952Enacted the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Act
  • 1946Established the Joseon(i.e. Korea) Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • 1895Enacted the Chamber of Commerce Act by the Joseon Dynasty
  • 1884Established the Hanseong(i.e. Seoul) Chamber of Commerce