Recent Events

The 2021 General chairman meeting of Seoul Chamber of Commerce & Industry SK Group Chairman Chey Tae-won was elected as the 24th chairman of the SCCI- His official appointment is scheduled to take place at the end of March… A three-year term will end in February 2024.- The team of ch... 2021.02.23
Performance Reporting Meeting of the Second Anniversary of Regulatory Sandbox ‘Wireless future’, ‘robots saving daily lives’…technology buried in regulation“open doors of opportunities through regulatory sandbox” 91 cases to be solved by the joint endeavors by the KCCI and the gove... 2021.02.02
A Policy Conference on the KCCI- Democratic Party Regulatory Innovation Promotion Team KCCI Chairman Park Yong-maan will propose 32 new innovative bills for legislation… to open all doors of opportunities.- The KCCI-Democratic Party to hold ‘a policy conference’… Mustering the ruling party’s ... 2021.01.28
2021 New Year#39s Greeting Ceremony for the Economic Circles by the KCCI ◈2021 New Year's Greeting Ceremony for the Economic Circles by the KCCIThe first video-based New Year’s Greeting Ceremony… Park Yong-maan, chairman of the KCCI said, “Economic choices should be made in antic... 2021.01.07