Policy Issues

Number Subject Publisher Date
559 Economic Bulletin, December 2021   Retail sales, services and construction investment rose in September. Mining and manufacturing and facility investment slowed. October job data read a steady increase and consumer price inflation gathered speed. KDI 2021.12.02
558 Quarterly Bulletin(September 2021)   In the second quarter of 2021, Korea’s real GDP increased by 0.8 on a quarter-on-quarter basis, as consumption expanded further and facilities investment continued to increase, despite exports and construction investment moving to negative territory. Bank of Korea 2021.11.30
557 API-based Financial MyData Service to be Piloted from December   The FSC announced that financial MyData service will be pilot launched from 16:00 (Korean Standard Time) on December 1, 2021 as the 17 service providers including banks, financial investment businesses, card companies, a mutual finance company and fintechs that have successfully completed a closed beta testing will begin to offer MyData services prior to the full launch on January 1, 2022. Financial Services Commission 2021.11.30
556 Monthly Industrial Statistics, October 2021   1. Production Trend 2. Consumption Trend 3. Investment Trend 4. Composite Economic Indexes Statistics Korea 2021.11.30
555 FSC Revokes Business License of Optimus Asset Management   The FSC decided to issue a revocation of business license on Optimus Asset Management along with other penalty measures imposed on its employees at the 21st regular meeting held on November 24. Financial Services Commission 2021.11.24
554 China’s Efforts to Strengthen Data Competitiveness and Implications for Korea   With the rapid development of digital technologies such as big data and AI, data is becoming a key resource and weapon in the digital era. However, unlike other economic goods, the eco-system of data has not yet been properly established. Competition between the U.S. and China over data hegemony is intensifying at a time when global norms on how to operate data, a key resource in the future economy, are being discussed and determined. KIEP 2021.11.24
553 Production of Chili Pepper, Sesame and Highland Potatoes in 2021   The production of chili pepper recorded 92,756 tons in 2021, rising by 32,680 tons (54.4) from 60,076 tons in 2020. Statistics Korea 2021.11.22
552 FSC Chairman Pledges Policy Support in Meeting with Specialized Credit Finance Sector   FSC Chairman Koh Seungbeom held a meeting with the heads of credit card companies and other credit finance companies on November 17 and discussed ways to further promote the development of the specialized credit finance sector. Financial Services Commission 2021.11.17
551 Korean Translation of SASB Standards Made Available to Facilitate Sustainability Disclosures   The FSC announced that the authorities made available the Korean translated versions of the SASB (Sustainability Accounting Standards Board) standards to help facilitate businesses in adopting and complying with the sustainability disclosure rules. Financial Services Commission 2021.11.10
550 Economically Active Population Survey in October 2021   Statistics Korea 2021.11.10