Policy Issues

Number Subject Publisher Date
656 FSC Unveils Work Plan for 2023   The FSC presented its annual work plan for 2023 on January 30. This year’s work plan includes twelve specific policy items under the initiatives of (a) ensuring strong financial market stability, (b) strengthening the role of finance to shore up the growth of the real economy and people’s livelihoods and (c) promoting the advancement of the financial industry into a high value-added strategic sector. Financial Service Comm... 2023.02.02
655 Monthly Industrial Statistics, December 2022   The Index of All industry production in December decreased by 1.6 percent from the previous month. The Index of All industry production in December decreased by 0.8 percent from the same period of the previous year. The Manufacturing Production Index in December decreased by 3.5 percent from the previous month and 8.0 percent from the same period of the previous year. Statistics Korea 2023.02.02
654 Financial Regulatory Innovation Committee Discusses Measures to Improve Capital Market Regulations   The financial regulatory innovation committee (FRIC) held its 6th meeting on January 19 and discussed measures to improve regulations in capital markets. The measures include (a) improving foreign investors’ access to capital markets through abolishment of the foreign investors’ registration system and phased expansion of English disclosure requirement to boost the global dynamism in domestic capital markets and (b) establishing a regulatory framework on the issuance and distribution of security tokens to permit security token offerings (STOs) and to promote development of a safe secondary market. Prior to today’s meeting, authorities held a private sector advisory working group meeting on January 10 and listened to opinions related to these agendas. Financial Service Comm... 2023.01.26
653 Authorities Hold Meeting to Monitor Financial Market Situation and Discuss Stabilization Measures   FSC Vice Chairman Kim So-young presided over a meeting with the Financial Supervisory Service and policy financial institutions on January 12 to check the corporate bond and CP (commercial paper) market situations and discuss the effects of market stabilization measures currently in place as well as the support plan for 2023. Financial Service Comm... 2023.01.19
652 Application for Fixed-rate Government-sponsored Mortgage Loan Available from January 30   The FSC announced that special Bogeumjari Loan, which integrates Relief Conversion Loan and Conforming Loan with existing Bogeumjari Loan, will be available for one year starting from January 30, 2023. Financial Service Comm... 2023.01.12
651 Economically Active Population Survey in December 2022   The economically active population marked 29.674 million persons in December, which grew 396 thousand persons or 1.4 year-on-year. Statistics Korea 2023.01.12
650 Consumer Price Index in December 2022   The Consumer Price Index in 2022 was 107.71(2020=100), up 5.1 percent from the previous year. Statistics Korea 2023.01.05
649 Korea Appointed as Inaugural Member of IFRS Sustainability Standards Advisory Forum   The Financial Services Commission (FSC) and the Korea Accounting Institute (KAI) have been appointed by the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) Foundation as inaugural member institutions of the Sustainability Standards Advisory Forum (SSAF) representing Korea on December 21, 2022. Financial Services Commission 2022.12.22
648 Authorities Meet with Banks to Discuss Resumption of Bank Bond Issuance   The FSC held a meeting with the related authorities and the banking sector on December 19 to examine the banking sector´s lending and borrowing situation and discuss resumption of bank bond issuance. Financial Services Com... 2022.12.19
647 Economically Active Population Survey in November 2022   he economically active population marked 29.087 million persons in November, which grew 558 thousand persons or 2.0 year-on-year. Statistics Korea 2022.12.14