Policy Issues

Number Subject Publisher Date
741 Authorities Hold Meeting on Household Debt Related Risks NEW Vice Chairman Kim Soyoung of the Financial Services Commission presided over a meeting with relevant authorities and organizations on February 20 to discuss current household debt situation, related risks and future expectations. At the meeting, the authorities also went over the situation with policy mortgage loans and held talks on ways to improve the quantitative and qualitative structure of household debt. Financial Services Commission 2024.02.22
740 Economically Active Population Survey in January 2024 NEW [Economically active population and labor force participation rate] ◦ The economically active population marked 28.815 million persons in January, which grew 428 thousand persons or 1.5 year-on-year. ◦ The labor force participation rate stood at 63.3 in January, up 0.7p year-on-year. Statistics Korea 2024.02.22
739 Authorities Meet to Discuss ESG Disclosure Standards   The Financial Services Commission held a meeting with officials from industry groups, investors, related organizations and private sector experts on February 14 to have a discussion on the preparation of domestic disclosure standards for environmental, social and governance (ESG) management. Financial Services Commission 2024.02.15
738 Financial Development Review Committee Meets to Discuss Financial Policy Agenda for 2024   The Financial Services Commission held this year’s first financial development review committee meeting on February 7. At today’s meeting, seven new members were appointed to the committee, and the authorities discussed key financial policy plans for 2024. Financial Services Commission 2024.02.08
737 Consumer Price Index in January 2024   The Consumer Price Index was 113.15(2020=100) in January 2024. The index increased 0.4 percent from the preceding month and rose 2.8 percent from the same month of the previous year. Statistics Korea 2024.02.08
736 Supply of Policy Mortgage Loans to Concentrate on Non-speculative Homebuyers   The Financial Services Commission announced that the operation of an integrated policy mortgage loan program under the Special Bogeumjari Loan scheme will end on January 29 as scheduled, which will be switched back to the regular Bogeumjari Loan program from January 30. Financial Services Com... 2024.02.01
735 Monthly Industrial Statistics, December 2023   1. Production Trend 2. Consumption Trend 3. Investment Trend 4. Composite Index of Business Indicators Statistics Korea 2024.02.01
734 Strengthened Penalties on Unfair Trading Activities in Capital Markets Take Effect from January 19   The Financial Services Commission announced that the revised Financial Investment Services and Capital Markets Act (FSCMA) and its subordinate statutes will go into effect on January 19 Financial Services Commission 2024.01.25
733 1st Fintech Open Networking Day Scheduled for January 26   The Financial Services Commission announced that the first Fintech Open Networking Day is scheduled to be held for fintech businesses, financial companies and investors on January 26. Financial Services Commission 2024.01.18
732 Authorities Hold Meeting to Discuss Ways to Continue to Stably Manage Household Debt Growth in 2024   The Financial Services Commission held a meeting with relevant authorities, organizations and industry groups on January 10 to go over the current household debt situation and discuss strategies to effectively control household debt growth in 2024. Financial Services Commission 2024.01.11