Policy Issues

Number Subject Publisher Date
630 2022 Korea Fintech Week Opens   The 4th annual global fintech expo, 2022 Korea Fintech Week will be held for three days from September 28 to 30 for both on-site (Lotte Hotel Seoul) and online viewing. Fintech businesses and experts from at home and abroad participate. Financial Services Commission 2022.09.28
629 Economically Active Population Survey in August 2022   ○ The economically active population marked 29.025 million persons in August, which grew 678 thousand persons or 2.4 year-on-year. ○ The labor force participation rate stood at 64.1 in August, up 1.3p year-on-year. Statistics Korea 2022.09.16
628 Ex-ante Disclosure Rule to be Introduced for Insider Transactions   The FSC announced a plan to introduce an ex-ante disclosure for stock transactions by company insiders (board members or principal shareholders) which have been subject to only the ex-post disclosure rule thus far. Financial Services Commission 2022.09.13
627 FSC Prepares Additional Measures to Improve Convertible Bond Market   The FSC announced additional measures for improving rules on the convertible bond market on September 7. Financial Services Commission 2022.09.07
626 Consumer Price Index in August 2022   The Consumer Price Index was 108.62(2020=100) in August 2022. The index decreased 0.1 percent from the preceding month and rose 5.7 percent from the same month of the previous year. Statistics Korea 2022.09.02
625 Monthly Industrial Statistics, July 2022   1. Production Trend □ The Index of all industry production in July decreased by 0.1 percent from the previous month. □ The Index of all industry production in July increased by 3.8 percent from the same period of the previous year. Statistics Korea 2022.08.31
624 Financial Regulatory Reform Committee Discusses Ways   The financial regulatory reform committee held its 2nd meeting on August 23 and decided on plans to (a) promote platform-based financial services from financial institutions and pilot online platform-based financial intermediary services to help enhance consumer convenience and facilitate digital innovation Financial Services Commission 2022.08.26
623 Measures to Improve Implementation of Reporting Requirements under the 5 Percent Reporting Rule   The FSC plans to make revisions to the corporate disclosure form and the practical guidance to ensure that those subject to the reporting requirement under the 5 reporting rule report detailed plans about their investment purpose. For companies and their management, the measures are intended to provide proper information needed to defend their management control, thereby strengthening the fairness and transparency in competition for control over management. For investors, the measures aim to provide better protection by giving them sufficient information about any possibility of change in management control. Financial Services Commission 2022.08.19
622 Private-Public Joint Taskforce on Digital Asset Holds Kickoff Meeting   The FSC announced that a private-public joint taskforce on digital asset consisting of private sector experts, relevant government authorities and institutions was launched on August 17 and held its kickoff meeting chaired by FSC Vice Chairman Kim So-young. Financial Services Commission 2022.08.17
621 Household Loans, July 2022   In July 2022, the outstanding balance of household loans across all financial sectors fell KRW1.0 trillion, showing a stable trend as the growth seen in Q2 turned back lower. The financial authorities will make efforts for a stable management of the household debt growth while working on effective implementation of the normalization of household loan regulations to help alleviate financing difficulties of non-speculative homebuyers. Financial Services Commission 2022.08.10