Policy Issues

Number Subject Publisher Date
722 FSC Proposes Measures to Improve the Early Loan Repayment Charge System in the Banking Sector   The Financial Services Commission announced a plan to improve the early loan repayment charge system in the banking sector on November 29 after having a series of consultation with banks between October and November. The proposed measures intend to make banks’ early repayment fees more reasonable and transparent for consumers. Financial Services Com... 2023.11.30
721 Monthly Industrial Statistics, October 2023   1. Production Trend 2. Consumption Trend 3. Investment Trend 4. Composite Index Of Business Indicators Statistics Korea 2023.11.30
720 KoFIU Advises VASPs to Inform Customers about Business Closure One Month before Expected T.D.   KoFIU Advises VASPs to Inform Customers about Business closure One Month before Expected Termination Date Financial Services Com... 2023.11.23
719 Campaign to Return KRW17.9 Trillion in Unclaimed Financial Assets Begins   The Financial Services Commission announced that a campaign to return unclaimed or dormant financial assets worth about KRW17.9 trillion to financial consumers will begin on November 13 for six weeks until December 22 with participation from all financial sectors. Financial Services Commission 2023.11.16
718 Economically Active Population Survey in October 2023   [Economically active population and labor force participation rate] [Employed persons and employment to population ratio] [Unemployed persons and unemployment rate] [Economically inactive population] Statistics Korea 2023.11.16
717 Government and Related Authorities Hold Meeting on Household Debt Situation   The Financial Services Commission held a meeting with officials from the relevant government ministries and organizations on November 8 and discussed the current household debt situation and various measures to ensure effective management. Financial Services Commission 2023.11.09
716 Online Shopping in September 2023   ○ The online shopping transaction value marked 19.0177 trillion won in September 2023, rising 9.6 from September 2022. ○ The mobile shopping transaction value marked 13.7698 trillion won in September 2023, rising 6.8 from September 2022. Statistics Korea 2023.11.09
715 FSC Proposes Rules Change on the Maximum Level of Credit Extension Allowed for Foreign Subsidiaries   The Financial Services Commission proposed a revision to the supervisory regulation on financial holding companies on October 31, which will be open for public comment from October 31 to November 10, as a follow-up to the previously announced plan to ease rules on overseas subsidiary ownership of financial companies. Financial Services Commission 2023.11.02
714 Monthly Industrial Statistics, September 2023   1. Production Trend □ The Index of All industry production in September increased by 1.1 percent from the previous month. □ The Index of All industry production in September increased by 2.8 percent from the same period of the previous year. Statistics Korea 2023.11.02
713 Revised Guidelines on Corporate Governance Disclosure   Corporate governance disclosure was introduced to encourage listed companies to voluntarily enhance their corporate transparency. Companies are required to disclose their compliance with the core principles of corporate governance and explain* the reasons for non-compliance based on a “Comply or Explain“ approach. Financial Services Commission 2023.10.26