New Year's Greeting Party

Early every year, we invite key individuals from businesses, politics, governments, media, academia, and diplomacy to share New Year’s greetings with the President and reaffirm an energetic beginning in the New Year.

CEO Summer Forum

Every summer, we host a forum comprised of various programs in Korea’s popular holiday destination, Jeju Island, to provide an opportunity for businesspeople to develop and share business strategies.

CEO Breakfast Meeting

We invite prestigious speakers including ministers and frequently host breakfast meetings to provide information needed for business management.


We operate committees for each business sector and area to discuss prevailing issues in commerce and industry and encourage interaction among members.

  • - Tax Committee
  • - Finance Committee
  • - Employment & Labor Committee
  • - Distribution Committee
  • - Logistics Committee
  • - Environment & Climate Committee
  • - Small & Medium Sized Enterprises Committee
  • - International Trade Committee
  • - Seoul District Economic Committee
  • - Tourism Industry Committee
  • - Medium-Sized Enterprise Committee
  • - Corporate Social Contribution Committee