Recognition of Distinguished Businesspeople

The KCCI, together with the government, rewards corporations and businesspeople who have contributed to the development of commerce and trade.

Operating Bilateral Economic Cooperation Committees

We operate bilateral Economic Cooperation Committees with 51 countries for non-government business cooperation.

Commerce & Industry Day

Commerce & Industry Day has been designated as an official government memorial day in 1974. An annual ceremony is hosted on the third Wednesday of March to award medals, badges and citations to individuals who have contributed to the development of commerce and industry.

Business Innovation Grand Award

Outstanding cases of business’ innovative management practices are identified and given awards, including the Presidential Award.

Single PPM Quality Innovation Award

Ever since the promotion of the Single PPM Quality Innovation in 1995, corporations and individuals who achieve outstanding results are given awards, including the Presidential Award.

Distribution Grand Award

Since 1996, outstanding corporations and individuals who have contributed to the improvement of the distribution system and logistics industry are awarded medals, badges, and citations.

Educational Programs

We support various educational programs that aim to improve managerial competency of CEOs and cultivate functional knowledge of employees.

  • CEO Programs

    Creative Innovation CEO Academy, CEO Humanities Forum, etc.

  • Online Programs

    Managerial Duties, Leadership, Personal Development, Foreign Languages, and other various online educational programs.

  • Tax and Accounting Programs

    Tax Specialist Course, Accounting Practice Course, Value Added Tax Course, Withholding Tax/Year-end Tax Adjustment Practical Course, Explanatory Course on Revised Tax Laws, etc.

  • Practical Programs for Small Businesses

    Practical training and briefing sessions for small businesses provided at ‘Chambers of Commerce’ in 25 Seoul City districts.

  • Job Programs

    New Project Development Planning Course, Sales and Marketing Course, Labor Management Course, Big Data Statistical Analysis Course, Customer Management Course, etc.

Management Counseling

We provide professional consulting services for managerial difficulties related to establishing a business or a venture, labor and human resources, taxation and accounting, funding and financing, trade and investment, management and marketing, legal, patents, and technology, etc.

Support for SME Innovation

We develop managerial innovation and quality improvement activities to improve competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises.

  • Launching of the Industry Innovation Movement 3.0

    We develop managerial innovation movements including technological innovation of 2nd and 3rd tier subcontractors to large corporations, working condition improvements, and production process improvements as well as provide training and consulting for increasing productivity.

  • Single PPM Quality Innovation

    We advocate services such as on-site visit coaching by experienced advisors, CEO and employee quality control training, and Single PPM certification support.

Provision of Global Standard Barcodes

The KCCI, as the representative institution of the GS1, supplies international standard barcodes to businesses and provides standards-based services.

Human Resource Development

We operate 8 Human Resources Development Centers where technical personnel are trained and provided to businesses.
These 8 Human Resources Development Centers are located in Busan, Incheon, Gwangju, Gyeonggi (Paju City), Gangwon (Hongcheon County), North Chungcheong (Okcheon County), South Chungcheong (Gongju City), and North Jeolla (Gunsan City).

Certification of Origin

Documents which verify that exported goods are grown, raised, manufactured or processed in Korea including General Certificate of Origin, Concession of Tariff Certificate of Origin, and FTA Certificate of Origin.

General Trade Certification

Services which certify trade documents such as commercial invoice, packing list, certificate of value, and signature authentication in order to obtain authenticity and objectivity of the trade documents issued by exporting businesses and international organizations.

ATA Carnets

Services that increase the speed and ease of the customs clearance process by issuing certificates which can substitute complicated customs clearance documents or mortgages needed for the momentary export, import, and bonded transportation of goods such as trade samples, work tools, and materials used for exhibitions between member countries of the ATA Convention.

Professional Certification

We hold qualifying examinations and issue licenses related to office work.

  • Office Work & IT

    Computer Specialist in Spreadsheet & Database, word processors, secretary, IT PLUS

  • Distribution & Marketing

    Marketing manager, electronic commerce manager, electronic commerce operator

  • Accounting & Taxation

    Computerized Accounting Specialist, Corporate Tax Practice

  • Foreign Languages & Chinese Characters

    English for International Trading, FLEX, Chinese Characters Proficiency Test

  • Professional Skills

    Korean shorthand writing, computer operation engineer, furniture design drawing master, smartphone application master

  • Aptitude Test